Helpful Real Estate Links

Property Appraiser Sites

Orange County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

For homes in Orange County, Florida, here’s a resource page where Amy Mercado explains property appraising, and has some hand resources for homeowners

Seminole County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

David Johnson, your go to property appraiser for Seminole County, Fl leaves no stone unturned on his site. You will find a lot of information with these helpful real estate links.

Osceola County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

Katrina S. Scarborough is a certified property appraiser in Osceola County, Fl. Among her specialities, helping people file for their homestead exemptions is one of her top priorities.

Polk County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

Marsha M. Faux is a Polk County, Florida property appraiser. You will find several useful real estate links on her site, including important information about amendments to public record laws.

Brevard County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

Dana Blickley’s goal is stated right on her property appraiser site. They want to be “Florida’s leader in providing our customers with the most trusted source of property data and innovative valuation services.”

Volusia County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

Lake County, Florida – Property Appraiser-

Carey Baker, a property appraiser in Lake County, Fl, aims to keep property owners safe. He highlights a free service that the Lake County Clerk of Court offers to protect people from fraud.

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Tax Collector Sites

Orange County, Florida – Tax Collector-

Scott Randolph is the Orange County, Florida tax collector. With an easy to navigate page, you’ll be able to find appointments easily and have no problem paying your tax bill online.

Seminole County, Florida – Tax Collector-

J.R. Kroll is the tax collector in Seminole County, Florida. There are easy to find links for paying your property taxes, renewing your drivers license, tag and title, and birth certificate services.

Osceola County, Florida – Tax Collector-

Bruce Vickers, the Osceola County, Florida tax collector, highlights a lot of useful links on his site. From DMV appointments to concealed weapons permits, you’ll find all of the information you need.

Polk County, Florida – Tax Collector-

You won’t have any trouble finding what you need on Joe G. Tedder’s tax collecting site. His goal is to always serve the citizens of Polk County.

Brevard County, Florida – Tax Collector-

Lisa Cullen tries to make sure that the citizens of Brevard County have easy ways to pay their bills to the city online. In fact, their e-check option has no fees. She makes paying the city as easy as possible.

Volusia County, Florida – Tax Collector-

Will Roberts is the tax collector for Volusia County, Florida. Among the services on his site you’ll find concealed weapon applications, property tax information, appointment availability, and DMV services.

Lake County, Florida – Tax Collector-

David W. Jordan is Lake County, Florida’s Tax Collector. His goals are listed on the first page. “Our office is focused on providing swift service with accuracy and exceptional customer service”. 

Loan Look Up Sites

Search Your Loan with Fannie Mae-

If your home loan is serviced by Fannie Mae, you should be able to look up your property here. If you’re unsure, you can still put in your address to find out.

Search Your Loan with Freddie Mac-

If your home loan is serviced by Freddie Mac, you should be able to look up your property here. If you’re unsure, you can still put in your address to find out.

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